Meaning of Fetishism

What is Fetishism:

Fetishism is a term used to refer to idolatry or devotion to various material objects considered fetishes.

The word fetishism derives from the Portuguese feitiçowhich means ‘spell’.

The fetish is associated with various practices of religious beliefs or cults characteristic of various primitive culturesin which it was customary to give objects some kind of supernatural or magical power.

Likewise, the fetish was considered by some cultures as a representation of some divinity or superior being with amazing gifts. Therefore, fetishes were valued as amulets of protection and good luck that people used to wear.

From anthropology, fetishism is studied as a type of belief that is part of the cultural expressions of different primitive communities.

In this sense, the fetish is taken as that object to which adoration actions are destined because some supernatural power was assigned to it.

Fetishism in psychology

From psychological studies, fetishism is considered sexual conduct characteristic of people who achieve arousal through manipulation or observation of certain objects or body parts.

Sigmund Freud considered fetishism as a type of paraphilia, a type of sexual behavior, where the individual is affected by an object or a part of the human body that causes arousal.

For example, shoes, feet, underwear, various wardrobe accessories, among other objects.

Fetishism is not considered a disease except in cases where this behavior becomes constant, involves a sexual disorder or affects the social and work activities of the individual.

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