Meaning of FOMO

What is FOMO:

FOMO is the acronym for the expression in English fear of missing out which translated into Spanish means “fear of missing an event”.

FOMO in general terms is an expression that refers to the constant feeling that parties, events and/or news may be happening without the person being present or knowing about it. That is why you absolutely need to attend all the parties and events or pay a lot of attention or you will have the feeling like you’re missing something you don’t want to miss such as, “Despite being very tired, the FOMO made me gather my strength and go to the party anyway.”

FOMO is considered a new type of anxiety disorder associated with the fear of not being aware of everything that happens. This can be reflected both in social events, in “nightlife” programs or in social networks or social applications such as facebook, twitter and whatsapp.

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Today, FOMO on virtual platforms brings as a consequence the Internet addiction since you must always be connected, available and attentive.

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The virtual FOMO It is closely related to nomophobia, another type of disorder that is born in this technological age. Nomophobia is the fear of running out of a mobile phone, without a battery or without a network on the mobile device where all the applications that require a lot of time and attention are generally found to keep up with everything.

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According to recent studies, more than a third of the world’s population suffers from FOMO.

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