Meaning of Free Fall

What is Free Fall:

What freefall is called all vertical fall without support of any kind, whose path is barely subject to the force of gravity. It is a concept applied to physics, but it is also a sport practice.

Free fall in Physics

According to Physics, free fall is designated that which a body experiences when it is only subjected to the action of gravity, and that supposes a vertical descent. Hence, this definition excludes falls influenced, to a greater or lesser extent, by air resistance, as well as any other that occurs as a consequence of the presence of a fluid.

In the void, the acceleration is constant, and is the same for all bodies, regardless of their shape and weight. The presence of fluids, such as air, for example, tends to slow down this movement, making the acceleration depend on other factors, such as the shape, weight or density of the body.

The acceleration in free fall is the acceleration due to gravity.which is about 9.81 m/s2. If the movement is downward, the acceleration value is positive, while if it is a vertical ascent, this value becomes negative, since it constitutes a decelerated movement.

Vertical ascent is called vertical shotand refers to the movement in which an object is thrown in a straight line upwards.

free fall in sports

A parachute jump modality is known as free fall, which consists of jumping from an aircraft in flight and delaying the opening of the parachute during the descent to earth, so that a considerable part of the journey is carried out without any kind of support. In this sense, it is an extreme sport, as it is highly risky.

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