Meaning of Full Moon

What is Full Moon:

What full moonalso known as full moonis called in astronomy the phase of the Moon in which its visible hemisphere is fully illuminated from Earth.

The full moon occurs when our planet is positioned exactly between the Sun and the Moon. The Moon, as such, does not have its own light, so it reflects the light of the Sun. That is why, during the full moon, what we appreciate is the Moon with its visible face fully illuminated by sunlight.

The Moon makes an orbital tour around the planet Earth that lasts 27.3 days, which is known as moon cycle either sidereal month.

Due to the translation movement of the Earth around the Sun, the Moon requires approximately two more days to be positioned in front of the Sun with the Earth in between. This means that full moons occur every 28,531 days, which is known as the synodic month. Each full moon can last approximately one whole night.

As such, the full moon marks the middle of the lunar month, which in turn is made up of four phases known as new Moon, crescent quarter, full moon Y last quarter. It is during the full moon that lunar eclipses occur.

Popularly, there is a set of beliefs associated with the full moon. It is said, for example, that our behavior is altered, that crime is skyrocketing, and that traffic accidents and births are increasing.

Also, some claim that during full moons people are more prone to insomnia and insanity (lunatics). Another popular belief is that of lycanthropy, or the transformation of a man into a wolf, which, it is claimed, occurs on full moon nights.

However, it is important to note that all this is nothing more than popular beliefs, without scientific basis.

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full moon face

It is colloquially called full moon face to the symptom of the patients with the Cushing’s syndrome who, due to the increase in the hormone cortisol in their body, have swelling and redness on their face that gives them a more rounded appearance than usual. In case of presenting this symptom, the individual should notify their doctor.

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