Meaning of Fundamentalism

What is Fundamentalism:

What fundamentalismin a general sense, is called the school of thought that promotes absolute submission to a certain doctrine or practice in an intransigent way. The word, as such, derives from “fundamental”, which refers to what serves as the foundation or is basic to something, and is composed with “-ism”, which indicates ‘doctrine’ or ‘movement’.

In this sense, fundamentalism has historically been associated with ideological or religious currents that impose the absolute observance of its precepts, established in the sacred or foundational books, and that do not admit any type of replica or contextual or updated interpretation of their doctrine.

Hence fundamentalisms are dogmaticfor his intransigent position; fansfor his militancy committed to all tests, and extremistsdue to the catastrophic consequences that the thoughtless, inflexible and intransigent positions of fundamentalist groups can cause, which are capable of committing atrocious acts of terrorism to impose his doctrine.

Likewise, there are fundamentalist practices associated with certain ideological currentssuch as those outlined in books such as My struggleof Adolf Hitler, or the Red Book of Mao. In the same way, some doctrines or thought systems associated with economics, culture or philosophy are often described as fundamentalist to denote their dogmatic and inflexible condition.

religious fundamentalism

The religious fundamentalism is the one that supposes literal application of the doctrine contained in the sacred booksboth in public and private life, and which does not admit of contextual interpretations, updates or modern perspectives.

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Christian fundamentalism

The christian fundamentalism is one that advocates a literal interpretation of the Bible. As such, it arose in the United States, along with the First World War, as a reaction to certain trends in modern thought, such as scientism, for example, whose theory of evolution demolished the thesis of creationism. Because they interpreted the Bible literally, they were also called literalists.

Islamic fundamentalism

The islamic fundamentalism is a religious political movement that promotes the strict application of the Qur’anic doctrine in all aspects of life, both public and private. As such, its purpose is to implement the laws of Islam in all spheres of society, both civil and criminal. The most serious consequence of Islamic fundamentalism has been the Holy war wave jihad, that is, the historical crusade of Islam to spread throughout the world and, from his point of view, to recover the part of the world that the West has corrupted. Some of the most dire manifestations of this have been the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 in New York, March 11, 2004 in Madrid, and January 7, 2014 in Paris.