Meaning of Guru

What is Guru:

The term guru It is of Sanskrit origin and means “teacherTherefore, guru is a teacher or spiritual guide. Also, it is that person who has philosophical knowledge or a certain subject, for example: Steve Jobs was a guru in technology.

In Hinduism, one of the Indian religions, this term is used to identify the teacher, religious leader or spiritual guide, it is a person who teaches meditation techniques, the path of yoga, teaches disciples to recite the mantra and, at the student’s investiture ceremony he acts as a priest. For Hindus, the guru is the person who has achieved enlightenment.

Among many gurus that have existed such as: Rama, Buddha, Krisná, among others, it is worth noting Nanak Dev, founder of the Indian religion “Sikhism”, they believe in one God, work for peace and provide spiritual liberation to all Humans.

On the other hand, the term gurukula It is a kind of school in India, where all the students live with the guru and are considered as part of his family. Likewise, guru purnimais characterized by being a day exclusively to honor the guru and all other teachers, the date varies according to the lunar or Hindu calendar, for the year 2015 the celebration is on July 31.

Currently, the term guru designates the person who possesses wisdom and the ability to guide and influence a group of people around them.

In the cinematographic area, there are several films with the guru title, for example. “Love Guru”, a comedy film, starring Jessica Alba and Mike Myers, is the story of a man educated in India by a spiritual leader and gains success in the United States for helping people solve love problems; “The Guru”, starring Eddie Murphy, among others.

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