Meaning of Hard Drive

What is Hard Drive:

hard drive is a data storage device. Hard drive comes from English hard drive and is one of the components of memory system that computers have to store information.

HDDA hard drive is characterized by does not need electricity to store data and that is why it is the device in charge of storing the long term data and start the computer. When the hard drive is inside the computer they are called Internal hard-drive.

There are four types of hard drives:

  • SSD: Solid State Drive or solid state drive have a composition similar to that of flash memories and USB memories.
  • SATA III: They are hard drives called rigid located inside the computer made up of several disks that store information magnetically. To read the information contained, the discs must spin at high speed while a ‘read head’ reads the information.
  • SCSI: They are for more professional use and are generally several in a rack.
  • SAS: It is a more modern version of the SCSI hard drive.

The external hard drive fulfills the same logic as the one inside the computer (SATAIII) but is not part of it, having a Case for protection and transportation and is usually connected by a USB connection (Universal Serial Bus).

The SSD hard drives They are the most advanced technology in portable hard drives and have the following characteristics:

  • they are silent
  • They are faster
  • consume less
  • They are more resistant
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