Meaning of HDMI

What is HDMI:

is known HDMI to the acronym of the English expression High Definition Multimedia Interface. It is a new connection used for transmit uncompressed data as an improved alternative to analog standardssuch as radio frequency, VGA, etc.

The HDMI connector allows the connection between various high-definition electronic devices, for example: television, computer, DVD, among others. With the use of HDMI, all the necessary connections are made with just a single cable and connector.

The HDMI allows the use of enhanced or high-definition video as well as digital audio on a single channel. The cable has a greater bandwidth by which more information is obtained to reach the screen and with a brighter and clearer image.

It is noteworthy that there are various connectors known under the acronym HDMI, the most used is 19 pins, but there are others such as 29 pins that allow high resolution videos to be obtained. Today, the latest version is 1.4, released in 2009, which incorporates an Ethernet channel to connect any device on the Internet system for online assistance, better image quality and includes an additional audio channel for certain applications. television recording.

This technology is being developed jointly by the companies Hitachi, Panasonic, Philips, Silicon Image, Sony, Thomson and Toshiba. The main criticism that this new technology has suffered is that it has been designed to make it impossible for users to create a copy of the audio-video content, by means of data encryption.

The biggest advantage of HDMI is that it establishes an audio and video connection digitally and is the reason why it presents a better quality of audio and video. Currently, the DVI connection is used in digital video which does not support high resolutions like HDMI and, it makes video and audio connection compared to DVI which only makes video connection.

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