Meaning of Hermit

What is the Hermit:

The hermit is a individual who lives in a lonely place in order to live his life without the contact of other people.

Likewise, the word hermit is used in order to identify the Christian who separates himself from social ties in order to give himself to God, dedicate himself to prayer and take care of the hermitage. In reference to the above, the hermitage it is a chapel or temple that allows the friar or hermit to practice his own vocation in peace.

See also Christianity.

Pope John Paul II promulgated the Code of Canon Law on January 25, 1983in which recognizes the hermitic life whereby believers with a detachment from the world dedicate their lives to the praises of God and the salvation of the world.

In the animal kingdom, there is the hermit crab It is a crustacean that has a soft abdomen which makes it vulnerable to predators and this forces it to seek refuge and defense in the empty shells of mollusks. It should be noted that for hermit crabs finding an empty shell is a matter of life or death, which is why hermit crabs fight among themselves when there are few empty sea snail shells.

The word hermit is of Latin origin. hermitwhich derives from the Greek ἐρημίτης either ἔρημος meaning “desert”, however the term hermit was extended to mean “everyone who lives in solitude”.

The word hermit is used as Synonym of: hermit, antisocial, lonely, misanthrope, ascetic, among others. The antonym of the allusive term is: sociable.

The word hermit translated into English is hermit.

hermit in tarot

The figure of the hermit in the tarot He is an old man walking, with white hair, he wears a cloak, a lamp that illuminates the steps and a cane with 7 knots to lean on. like that of Moses. White hair symbolizes knowledge and wisdom, the cane indicates someone to show us the way and 7 days of the week and of creation, the lantern represents knowledge, divine illumination. Likewise, in the figure the feet are not observed and it represents little movement of the place or that it walks on a spiritual plane and not on an earthly one.

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The interpretation of this card is determined by the cards that surround it, but it is generally positive when it comes to study, intellectual or spiritual progress, otherwise, it is not usually very good since it indicates patience, reflection. It also indicates loneliness in the face of the problem or circumstance.

The hermit’s letter advises to reflect before acting.