Meaning of Holy Grail

What is the Holy Grail:

It is known as Holy Grail to the mystical vessel or sacred chalice that was usedlysed by Jesus Christ at the Last Supper. The term grail is of Latin origin. gradalis either gratalis which means ‘glass’.

In the Middle Ages, specifically in the books of chivalry, the Holy Grail is seen as a container or cup in which Jesus consecrated his blood in the last Easter that he celebrated with his Disciples, and which was later used by Joseph Arimathea to collect the blood that spilled the body of Jesus.

Holy Grail

The legend begins with Joseph Arimathea once he collected the blood of the crucified Jesus Christ, hid the Holy Grail in Britain, and founded the first Christian Church, dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

In literature, there are many versions of the symbology of the Holy Grail. The most recent is the Da Vinci Codewritten by Dan Brown, in which he establishes that the term Holy Grail comes from French, and is the metaphorical representation of Mary Magdalene, bearer of the sacred lineage of Jesus Christ.

Regarding his quest, there are different opinions, the first being the eternal quest by King Arthur’s knights with the aim of returning peace and prosperity to the kingdom.

Now, there are beliefs that the Holy Grail is the chalice of the Cathedral of Valencia. Without a doubt, the Holy Grail is one of the most sought after objects, as well as the Ark of the Covenant and others.

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On the other hand, the most popular romances between the 12th and 13th centuries were “Le Conte du Graal”, by the French poet Chrétien Troyes and “Roman de L’Estoire du Graal”, by Robert de Boron, who narrated the search for the glass sacred, and in the latter the Grail is identified for the first time with the chalice of the Last Supper.