Meaning of Honor

What is Honor:

Honor indicates the preservation of personal virtues such as righteousness, integrity, and decency.

The word honor derives from the Latin I will honor or honorary which specifically indicates public glorification through the exercise of public office. In this sense, it is associated with pride in the social relevance it signifies. Hence the term “a great honor”: “I am an immigrant and a great honor” or “it is an honor” such as, for example, “It is an honor to have the President in my house”.

In the sense associated with the verb honor, the word derives from the Greek Timo which refers to the great esteem and consideration towards something or someone. In this way, the honor of people refers to personal honor that encompasses respect, decorum, humanity and integrity.

The biblical meaning of the word honor derives from the Hebrew kabod indicating glory. Honoring God and parents, for example, implies praising and esteeming them through obedience, respect, admiration, and retribution.

Synonyms of honor are: respect, esteem, glory and admire.

honor the word

“Honour your word” is an expression that implies fulfilling what is promised and said. It is another way of saying “Keep your word”, giving more emphasis to the loss of personal honor if what is said is not respected.

See also Respect.

honor or honor

The word honor is never written with a double r. The words that are pronounced with the sound of the strong r and between vowels are those that are written with a double r, for example, career.

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