Meaning of HTTP

What is HTTP:

HTTP is a access protocol for web pages over the Internet. HTTP is the acronym for Hypertext Transfer Protocol which translates into Spanish as the “hypertext transfer protocol”.

HTTP is one of the 3 basic technologies developed for the creation of the web in 1990 by Tim Berners Lee. The web as an information management system for the transmission of data through the Internet needs 3 basic elements for its operation: HTTP, URL and HTML.

See also Web.

The HTTP is the protocol used to communicate with the web server in order to access a web browser or web page.

The urls is the specific address for the location of the resources (web pages, web browsers) available on the network or the web.

See also URL.

The HTML is the language used to encode information in web resources.

See also HTML.

In this sense, for the creation of any resource on the Internet, the HTML language is used. To access it, the HTTP protocol is used, which is the most used to access pages through the Internet, together with a URL that will determine the exact address to find the resource.

See also Internet.

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