Meaning of Human Values

What are human values:

It is known as human values set of virtues possessed by a person or organizationwhich determine the behavior and interaction with other individuals and space.

Human values ​​encompass all those Actions that are considered correctso they are also related to moral values, which are those that regulate the behavior of individuals.

Likewise, moral values ​​correspond to ethical values ​​and social values ​​that, together, constitute the rules established to achieve a healthy coexistence in society.

In this sense, human values ​​are those that establish and regulate the actions of peopleovercome any cultural barrier and its purpose is that the virtues of the human being stand out for generating general and individual well-being.

Now, among the most outstanding human values, the following can be mentioned: honesty, responsibility, respect, tolerance, gratitude, love, solidarity, freedom, among others.

When human values ​​are put into practice, good actions are generated that have a positive impact on society, can transcend time and encourage individuals to give greater relevance to what is really important.

On the other hand, it should be noted that there is a set of human values ​​that are also part of universal values, this is because they are common in different cultures, for example: respect, responsibility, honesty, solidarity, truth , honor or peace.

However, it should be mentioned that in contrast there are human values ​​appreciated as relative, since they are not considered common in all societies or are not permanent over time.

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Human values ​​are important for their contribution to improving society and providing dignity to the person.

Unfortunately, there is currently a crisis and loss of human values ​​that affects humanity in a negative way due to the selfish, hateful, cruel and violent way that is observed between social relationships. For example: young people who do not respect their elders, delinquency, prostitution, among others.

Due to the above, good examples in society through the use of human values ​​are essential in order to achieve a peaceful and bearable coexistence among individuals.

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Characteristics of human values

Next, the characteristics that human values ​​possess are determined.

  • Hierarchy: there are values ​​that are considered superior and others inferior, although this does not diminish their importance in their daily practices. In this sense, a scale of values ​​is appreciated in which some values ​​prevail over others when there is a conflict.
  • Polarity: Values ​​are presented in a positive sense, but they can also lead to a counter value.
  • Dynamism: values ​​are transformed as time goes by, therefore, they give meaning to the life of the human being and to society.
  • Comprehensiveness: each value is an integral abstraction in itself.

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