Meaning of Humor

What is Humor:

humor is a genre of the entertainment industry dedicated to making people laugh through jokes, jokes and sarcasm.

In a general way, humor also refers to the temper or mood of a person as, for example, “to have a good mood” or “to be in a bad mood”.

The word humor comes from the Latin humor indicating “liquids”. This meaning of humor derives from the ancient Greek theory of the existence of 4 “humors” that maintained the basic balance of every human being. The balance of the humors gave good health and it was then said that the person was in a good mood.

In this way, the expression sense of humor refers to a person’s readiness for jokes and laughter. Someone with a good sense of humor is cheerful, joking and sociable, unlike someone who does not have a sense of humor. On the other hand, mood swings are often identified as signs of psychological states that disturb the subject.

A person who is dedicated to creating a humorous show is called a comedian.

In literature, humor is a resource in all literary genres. Humor causes complicity with the reader, and makes reading more enjoyable.

See also Joke.

types of humor

Humor, as a genre of entertainment, is a subgenre of comedy and is classified into several types depending on the humorous object used. Some of the best-known types of humor are:

  • Black mood: uses misfortunes and political incorrectness as an object of humor, such as some comedies stand up.
  • Graphic humour: Use the image to make fun of something like comics and memes.
  • green mood: Jump to situations involving sex, such as the genre of magazines.
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See also black humour.

Aqueous and vitreous humor


In ophthalmology, it is called aqueous humor to the liquid that is between the cornea and the iris, between the anterior and posterior chamber of the eyeball. The aqueous humor has the function of nourishing and oxygenating the parts of the eye that do not have blood supplies, especially the cornea and the lens.

On the other hand, in the anatomy of the eye there is also the vitreous humor It lies between the lens and the retina. It is denser than the aqueous humor and its main function is to hold the retina and maintain transparency so that light can pass through and the eye can see.