Meaning of Illuminati

What is Illuminati:

The word illuminatiIt is of Latin origin which means “enlightened”, in reference to the current of the Enlightenment and, it is nothing more than a secret society formed since the eighteenth century whose purpose is to dominate the world through the New World Order.

The society illuminati It was created with the purpose of eliminating governments and kingdoms of the world, eradicating all regions and beliefs to direct nations under a New World Order, establishing a single currency and a universal religion and, thus, the human being would achieve his perfection.

There are testimonials that describe above all what the illuminatis long or short term. In the first place, there is talk of the abolition of the monarchy, private ownership of the means of production and, together with this, the abolition of social classes; prohibit the right of inheritance, the concept of patriotism – nationalism – family, eliminate the catholic religion and any other religion, establishing an atheism.

Second, it indicates that the illuminatis they seek to maintain the population with less than 500 million inhabitants and, for this reason, they manipulate food and drinks to cause infertility and sterilization, achieving the reduction of the world population.

The order of the enlightened establishes the illustration as the basis of its doctrine. The main goal of this secret society is to achieve total domination of the world through political, economic and social pressures, as well as to improve and perfect the world in the aspect of freedom, fraternity, equality and its own organization.

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In reference to all of the above, Christians and some individuals look to the leader of the New World Order or illuminatis as the “anti-christ” and, the establishment of this order will mean the end of the world.

To the enlightened or illuminatis you will be involved with the highest degrees of Freemasonry they being responsible for world events for achieving great power. The same way, they are involved with the Bilderberg Club (Bilderberg Group), so named because its first meeting was at the Bilderberg Hotel, in the Netherlands, is a secret club that organizes meetings with a capacity for a group of 130 people who have great influence in the world and, in those meetings, it is decided The future of the world.

Despite being a secret society and, therefore, the impossibility of confirming the veracity of the facts, there are testimonies that reveal that the illuminatis They have infiltrated political parties in the United States, they have organized sects to create confusion among Christians, they control banks and the press, they also indicate that they have been with the Freemasons behind wars such as: French Revolution, Italian Revolution, First and World War II, among others.

symbols of the illuminatis

The best known symbols of the illuminatis are:

  • The pyramid or triangle.
  • The “all-seeing eye” on the dollar bill shows this symbol next to an Egyptian pyramid with 13 steps.
  • The horned hand, known by some as the symbol of the devil since it is a worship of Santanas.
  • The owl watches everything from the shadows.
  • The pentagram is used in rituals and witchcraft to conjure up spirits.
  • the 666
  • The fire, some researchers maintain that the Statue of Liberty, in New York, is a symbol of the illuminatis.
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