Meaning of Impenetrability

What is Impenetrability:

Impenetrability means quality of impenetrable. It can refer to something that cannot be penetrated, that cannot be understood or deciphered, or to someone who does not show their ideas or feelings.

Thus, for example, we can refer to the impenetrability of a material or a thing when it is impossible to cross it or pierce it with something: the impenetrability of a wall, of steel, of a border.

In the same way, we can allude to the impenetrability of something that is difficult to understand, cryptic or indecipherable. Thus, a very difficult text, poem, or speech could fall into the category of impenetrability.

On the other hand, we refer to the impenetrability of a person when this is closed or does not reveal their opinions or feelings to others.

impenetrability in physics

In physics, impenetrability is known as property of bodies that prevents one body from taking the place of another in space, from which it follows that no body can occupy the same place of another at the same time. This is so for bodies made of ordinary matter that cannot be traversed by another body of ordinary mass. However, a body of ordinary matter could be pierced by particles of non-ordinary matter, as is the case with neutrinos, which are extremely small particles, at least one billionth of the mass of an atom.

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