Meaning of Iniquity

What is Iniquity:

Iniquity It refers to the quality of iniquitous. designates wickedness, perversity, abuse or great injustice, that is, any act contrary to morality, justice and religion. The word comes from the Latin iniquĭtas, iniquitātiswhich translates “unjust quality”, and its synonyms are injustice, wickedness, infamy or ignominy.

In Law, iniquity is understood as the excessive rigor in a law, ruling or decision.

Sometimes, due to phonetic similarity, iniquity can be confused with inequity.

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iniquity in the bible

In a biblical sense, iniquity exists from the beginning, and it appears for the first time in the Fallen Angel: “you were full of iniquity, and you sinned” (EzequielXXVIII: 16).

Iniquity is evil, impiety or guilt, and its gravity is above sin. As such, it is an offense against God, founded on the ignorance and rejection of the laws of the Lord. In fact, if we look at the ancient Greek version of the Biblewe will notice that iniquity It has been translated from the term ἀνομία (anonomy), which means ‘contempt for the laws’, from which it is extracted that iniquity implies disrespect and not subjection to the authority of God or the law, deriving in another possible meaning : anarchy.

In iniquity we can recognize the crooked path or the deviation from the correct path and, despite its seriousness, Moses, in the Old Testamentproclaims the Lord as “the one who keeps mercy for thousands, who forgives iniquity, rebellion and sin, and who will by no means hold the wicked innocent” (ExodusXXXIV: 7).

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