Meaning of Intelligible

What is Intelligible:

What intelligible of designates that which can be understood or perceived without problems. The word, as such, comes from the Latin intelligibilitywhich means ‘that can be understood’.

In this sense, intelligible is also designated that which can only be accessed through knowledge, that is, with the intellect, and without the mediation of the senses. Hence it is opposed to the sensible.

Intelligible, on the other hand, is also that which can be heard clearly and distinctlywhich can be perceived correctly and without distortion: “The voice on the recording was not intelligible, but rather confused”.

In the same way, as intelligible can be called that language that we can understand without having previous knowledge of it, as, for example, it can happen to those of us who speak Spanish with speakers of Portuguese, Catalan or Italian.

synonyms of intelligible, then, they would be understandable, understandable, clear or decipherable. While your antonym it would be unintelligible.

In Englishintelligible can be translated as intelligible. For example: “por favorcould you use vocabulary that is intelligible to me?”

Intelligible in Philosophy

As intelligible is called everything that is understandable to the intellect, which is endowed with coherence and rationality. For Platothe intelligible was associated with the world of ideas, which was from his point of view the true reality, the one that did not require the intermediary of the senses to access it, but of reason. The opposite, then, was the sentient worldwhich was the one that we could only perceive through our senses, that is, the fundamentally physical, material world.

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