Meaning of Interface

What is Interface:

What Interface we designate, in computer science, the physical and functional connection that is established between two devices, devices or systems that work independently of each other. In this sense, the communication between a human and a computer It is done through an interface.

The word interface, as such, comes from the English interfacewhich means ‘contact surface’.

The interface is the mechanism or tool that enables this communication through the representation of a set of objects, icons and graphic elements that come to function as metaphors or symbols of the actions or tasks that the user can perform on the computer. For example, entering data on a blank sheet of paper, sending a document to the trash, modifying a file, closing a program.

In computing, there are basically two types of interfaces: the physical interface, made up of objects that allow us to enter data and manipulate the computer, such as the mouse or keyboard, which would come to function as prostheses or extensions of our body; and the Graphic interfacealso known as GUI (Graphic User Interface), which allows the human being to interact with the computer through a series of graphic elements (windows, icons, etc.).

User interface

What user interface the means used by a person to communicate with a machine, device or computer is designated. They are usually friendly and intuitive, so they are easy for a user to understand and use. It includes elements such as menus, windows, keyboard, mouse, alert sounds, that is, all those channels through which an effective communication between the human being and the machine is established.

graphical user interface

What graphical user interfacealso known as GUI (according to the acronym in English for Graphic User Interface), the computer program that uses a set of images and objects in a simulation graphical environment to represent all the actions available to the user in the interface is known. This system is called WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Getthat is: ‘what you see is what you get’).

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The purpose of the graphical user interface is to offer people a friendly and intuitive visual environment that makes it easy for them to communicate with the operating system, the machine or the computer. Examples of graphical user interfaces would be the desktop environments of operating systems such as Windows, GNU/Linux or Mac OS.