Meaning of Intranet

What is Internet:

The intranet is a private network that belongs to an institution, organization or company. The intranet is considered as a network of private internet.

The intranet in an organization has as a goal connect, unite, share information and data between employees, students or people who belong to said organization without having to resort to a public and insecure medium.

The intranet usually connect multiple web servers using the tools of the public Internet network such as HTTP, which is the protocol for accessing web pages, and TCP/IP, which stands for Transmission control protocol/Internet protocol which translates into Spanish as the transmission control protocol / Internet protocol.

See also:

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Intranet access is generally through the public Internet but is characterized by access through servers with firewalls either firewall that analyze the messages and information of the sender and the receiver in both directions to safeguard the security and privacy of the organization.

It is common to find an intranet in all public institutions and companies as they facilitate the exclusive access For those involved, for example, in universities there is an intranet so that students, professors, teachers and administrators can communicate online without needing to be present.

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