Meaning of Jehovah

What is Jehovah:

Jehovah is one of the names by which the Judeo-Christian God is known. Scholars say that Jehovah’s origin may be from a derivation between the written Hebrew name YHWH and the word Adonai.

The vocalization of the name of the Jewish God YHWH was lost mainly due to two facts: first, because the ancient Hebrew script did not contain vowels and, second, because the pronunciation of the name of their god was prohibited as a symbol of respect.

Scholars in this matter believe that the correct vocalization is Yahweh and that the word Jehovah comes from the union of the name YHWH (without vowels) together with the vowels of the word Adonai What does “my lord” mean?. Adonai it was widely used and slowly replaced the name of their god so that it was never pronounced. It was so popularized that it is said that, in some texts, the vowels of the word adonai they were added when the word YHWH appeared. The latter was in order to remind people to pronounce the popular term instead of the sacred name.

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Compound Names of Jehovah

Jehovah is just one of the names given to the Judeo-Christian God. Other compound names are mentioned in the Bible in order to show the different qualities of the same god. Some of the better known compound names are:

  • Jehova jirehmeaning “the gentleman supplier” or “the gentleman my supplier”.
  • Jehovah Nissi, meaning “the lord is my banner” or “the lord is my war banner”. Thanks to this name he is also called as “Jehovah my warrior”.
  • Jehovah Tsidkenuwhich means “justice lord” or “my lord of justice”.
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