Meaning of Know

What is Know:

Know it is find out by means of intellectual capacities the nature, quality and relationships of things. The word know comes from the Latin word know, formed by the prefix co– (from Latin cum), which means ‘com‘, and the verb gnoscerewhich expresses ‘knowing or having notion’.

Knowing is an action performed by the subject in order to to have a notion or idea of ​​something or someone and, thus, be able to decide and act in relation to it. Knowing is based on investigating to obtain information and knowledge about a subject, matter or science. Likewise, it is distinguishing one thing over another.

The word know refers to the relationship with someone, a person with whom a friendship is not properly maintained, for example: I know the Minister, I know the singer Shakira. In the field of Law, the word to know is to understand a matter with legitimate powers to do so.

There are different types of knowledge: scientific, empirical, artistic, cultural, theological, among others. Especially empirical knowledge, known as vulgar knowledge, is one that is acquired through experiences and own experiences, it is a type of knowledge that is not obtained by study or by method.

It is of the utmost importance that an individual or company, especially those who start a business or work for the entertainment world, make themselves known, in order to acquire a reputation and have their public.

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On the other hand, it is related to the term knowing have intimate relations with a person.

The philosopher Socrates expressed “know yourself”this indicates that the individual must analyze and reflect on himself, his qualities, weaknesses, strengths, in order to understand what his limits are and discover the meaning of life and what we are called to be for.

Finally, Synonyms of knowing are: communicate, relate, familiarize, intimate, etc. The opposite of knowing is: ignore, omit.

know in philosophy

The philosopher Kant established that a concept is only known if intuition and perception of the object is possible. This means that the individual has knowledge of electronic devices because he has a concept and can have an intuition, on the contrary, with all those topics that belong to the metaphysical, because although he has a concept, he lacks intuition.

meet god

It is important for the Christian to know God, which consists in understanding and understanding who he is, his nature, thoughts and, above all, his will, for the faithful to be able to lead a life based on his commandments and principles.