Meaning of Mafia

What is Mafia?

As mafia we refer to the criminal organizations that are dedicated to organized crime or those groups that defend economic interests exceeding what is established by law.

There are several versions and theories about the origin of the word mafia but they all agree on its popularization from Sicily, Italy. The most accepted version is that mafia derives from the Arabic mahya which refers to arrogant and presumptuous individuals, a word introduced when Sicily was occupied between the years 965 and 1060.

Mafia was popularized by the knowledge of the criminal organizations that dominated Sicily. Today, mafia refers to all organizations that operate in clandestine networks to profit illegally, such as, for example, the drug trafficking mafia or the oil mafia or the oil mafia. fracking.

Mafias originally associated with criminals, today are associated with clandestine and unjust ways of acting for the growth of personal economic interests. Some examples of mafia acts are:

  • Money laundering: legitimizing money obtained from illegal activities.
  • Use of tax havens: generally associated with tax evasion.

The mafia is also associated with the exercise of what is called lobby or lobbying. Despite the fact that lobbying is a job regulated by law, such as the activities that a lobbyist carries out so that a resolution is favorable or unfavorable, there are actions in this area that are associated with corruption and illicit agreements, therefore they are also called like the mafia, like the business mafia or the pink mafia.

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