Meaning of Magnetic Field

What is magnetic field:

A magnetic field is a space in which magnetic phenomena take place due to the influence of a body with magnetic properties, be it a magnet or a magnetized ferromagnetic material.

The magnetic field in physics is also defined as a vector magnitude which accounts for the intensity magnetic, that is, it expresses the phenomenon of attraction between a magnet and certain materials (cobalt and iron). sayings magnets they can be made of different types of materials, and always have a North Pole and a South Pole.

The magnetic field is not about the force itself but about a space in which that force is exerted as a result of the movement of electric charges. In it, forces act on moving charged particles, which gives it its vector character.

The magnetic field is represented by drawing imaginary lines, which are called lines of magnetic force either magnetic field lines.

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Magnetic field characteristic

  • It has a north pole and a south pole.
  • Opposite poles attract and like poles repel.
  • It can be generated from moving electrical currents or from magnets.
  • The closer a magnetic field is to the point of origin, the greater its intensity.
  • Its propagation occurs at the speed of light.
  • It is represented by the so-called magnetic field lines.

magnetic field lines

Magnetic field

The presence of a magnet alters the space that surrounds it and forces the iron filings to be arranged following a specific pattern, that is, it forces them to line up.

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This alignment is not random but occurs in the direction of the magnetic field, which gives rise to the registration of a magnetic spectrum.

The ends where such lines meet are called magnetic poles. The lines The external magnets register from north pole to south pole, while the internal ones register from south pole to north pole. This results in closed lines. The magnetic field lines they never cross each other.

the vector B. has the same direction as the field line of each point and is tangent to it. Its intensity will be greater at the point where the lines are concentrated.

Magnetic field units

In the International System, the unit of magnetic field is called Tesla and is abbreviated with the sign T. One Tesla is equal to one Weber per square meter.


The magnetic field, as vector quantityis represented by the following sign: Magnetic field

The intensity of the magnetic field is represented by the sign H and is expressed or measured in amps per meter.

The strength of the magnetic field is represented by the letter Fwhose unit of measure is the newton (N).

For its part, the magnetic pole mass is represented by the letter m.

Magnetic field strength

It is called magnetic field intensity to the force that is exerted in the field on the unit of the North pole, applied in a point. To calculate the intensity of the magnetic field the following is applied formula: H = F/m.