Meaning of Mahalo (Hawaiian Word)

Mahalo is a Hawaiian word that it means thank you’ and is pronounced /mah-hah-loe/. As such, the word is derived from the Proto-Polynesian masalo.

can also be used Mahalo Nui which means ‘thank you very much’, and mahalo nui loawhich is an even more intense ‘thank you very much’, and which we could translate as ‘thank you very much’.

In Hawaii it is usual to see the word Mahalo written on public notices, such as, for example, in garbage cans, thanking citizens for depositing garbage in its place. Hence, many have associated the word with ‘garbage’, which is wrong.

On the other hand, it is also said that the word has a spiritual meaning, which is far beyond simple gratitude. In this sense, Mahalo It would be spiritual and divine blessing given to a person and that, in this sense, it is not a word that should be said lightly, since it is a sincere and profound spiritual blessing. So when we say Mahalowe would be saying “may you be in the presence of the divine spiritual breath of life”.

As a noun, Mahalo is used with the meaning of gratitude, admiration, praise.

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