Meaning of Management

What is Management:

Management is the action and effect of manage Y manage. More specifically, management is a diligenceunderstood as a Procedure necessary to achieve something or resolve an issue, usually administrative nature or that involves documentation.

Management is also a set of actions or operations related to the management Y address of an organization.

This concept is used to talk about Projects or in general of any type of activity that requires processes of planning, development, implementation and control.

This word comes from the Latin gesture, -ōnis.

See also Manage.

Business management

The business management is a type of business activity whose objective is the productivity improvement and the competitiveness of a company.

Business management involves design, implementation and control of measures Y strategies related to administration and production processes.

At the company level, the agents in charge of management at a general level are usually the staff of the direction, management or administration. There are also other types of agents such as consultants external.

See also Business Management.

Management system

A management system is a structure either management model effective and efficient that seeks to improve the functioning of an organization. It includes a process of ideation, planning, implementation and control.

management systems offer guidelines, strategies and techniques to optimize the processes and resources of an entity. They are generally used in business organizations and address different areas such as quality management and profitability.

The implementation of management systems allows the introduction of mechanisms aimed at renewal Y adaptation to the reality of an organization and the environment in which its activity takes place.

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Environmental management

The environmental management Is the set of tasks, activities Y strategies aimed at to protect Y preserve the environment Already manage natural resources in one way rational Y sustainable.

Environmental management is characterized by being an area multidisciplinary which include, among others, biological, social and economic factors. also has a character proactive Y participatorywhose responsibility is not limited to the institutional sphere but encompasses the entire society.