Meaning of Material Values

What are material values:

material values ​​are a set of elements that allow human beings to cover their basic needs and have a more comfortable life.

In other words, material values ​​enable and help people to maintain themselves and sustain a better quality of life over time.

This values are made up of food, clothing, medicine, money, and shelter. These resources are essential to satisfy human needs for food, health, leisure, clothing, as well as to fulfill various responsibilities and activities of daily life.

Therefore, material values ​​provide a balance of subsistence. However, there are times when these material values ​​are violated because people modify their real meaning.

In other words, they give extra value to material goods, which is often unnecessary, especially when seeking to cover an emotional spiritual void with material or monetary goods.

Material values ​​and their relationship with other values

material values

Material values ​​are also closely related to personal values, family values, spiritual values ​​and socio-cultural values, with which they may conflict as mentioned above.

For example, people need clothing to cover their bodies, protect themselves from the sun, cold and wind. However, there are cases in which having a specific clothing goes beyond what is necessary, and becomes essential because it is valued as a material asset that reflects status and purchasing or economic power.

On the other hand, material values ​​can also be affected by the sentimental, economic or utility values ​​that are given to an object. In this sense, objects are also goods in which a value is deposited as each individual deems necessary.

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It should be remembered that values ​​are those qualities and attitudes that are maintained over time, objects and material, on the contrary, are subject to various changes according to the needs of a given moment, and to expiration.

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