Meaning of Messianic

What is Messianic:

Messianic it means of or relating to the messiah or messianism. As such, it is an adjective that derives from the word Messiahfrom Biblical Latin Messiasand this in turn from the Hebrew mĕšīāḥ, which means ‘anointed’.

The Christian religionIn this sense, it qualifies as messianic everything related to Jesus Christ, the Son of God, Savior and King descendant of David, the Messiah that the prophets promised to the Hebrew people. The messiah in the Judeo-Christian tradition it represents divine intervention in the evils of the earthly world, and its arrival supposes the salvation of the chosen people.

However, any subject, real or imaginary, in whom hopes have been placed, irrationally and sometimes excessively, that he can solve all problems and bring order, justice and harmony to a people can be called a messianic.

Hence it is called as messianism the doctrine or trend that attributes to a single person the ability to face and solve the historical problems of a society. In this sense, messianism would come to be the belief that a person, endowed with certain special faculties, is the only one capable of fixing things.

political messianism

In the politicsit is common to recognize messianic characteristics in leaders who present themselves as the only alternative for justice and vindication for the historical process of a society. This type of leadership also tends to attribute the ability to change and fix things, and to bring progress, development and social justice. In this sense, messianic leaders tend to emerge in complex political situations and, in general, use populist and demagogic discourses to capture popular favor.

messianic complex

The messianic complexalso known simply as messianism, a type of delusion product of a severe psychosis is known. As such, the individual who develops it is characterized by attributing to himself the divine capacity and responsibility to fight against evil and to save the world. A historically known case of the messianic complex is that of the German politician Adolf Hitler.

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messianic movement

The messianic movements They are those who promote the exaltation of a messiah, as a messenger of truth and justice. As such, they are characterized by promoting and propagating the doctrine or ideology, generally of a religious tendency, formulated according to the interpretation and worldview of the messiah on history. Messianic movements, in this sense, have founded some of the world’s religions with the most followers, such as the Christianitythe islamism or, also, the adventism.

Messianic Judaism

The Judaism has also constituted a messianic movement called messianic judaism, a theological doctrine whose origin dates back to the Hebrew-Christian movements in England in the 20th century, and which was revitalized in the United States in the mid-20th century. Its objective, fundamentally, was the evangelization of the Jewish people. Some characteristics of Messianic Judaism that differentiate it from traditional or orthodox Judaism are that it admits the New Testament and recognizes Jesus Christ as Messiah.