Meaning of Mindfulness

What is Mindfulness:

What mindfulness It is called, in psychology, the full mental concentration that a person can achieve.

The word mindfulness It comes from English and literally means ‘mental state’, but we can translate it into Spanish as ‘mindfulness’ or ‘mindfulness’.

As such, the mindfulness It is a concept that comes from Buddhist Vipassana meditation, an ancient Indian technique whose objective is to become fully aware of the present moment.

See also Buddhism.

is reached the mindfulness concentrating on recognizing ourselves, calmly, in the present; paying attention to thoughts, emotions and bodily sensations, as well as the environment in which we find ourselves; accepting and assuming everything without judging.

For him mindfulness our attention must be focused on the present, and not absorbed by the problems, their causes and consequences, without thinking about their solutions. In this sense, it is a state of mind that helps people distinguish between useful and useless thoughts, since the latter can be harmful.

The mindfulness it helps us to be aware of reality and what is truly important, to reduce stress and anxiety, as well as to be more creative and to be able to see and assess situations clearly; In short, to enjoy life more.

In fact, clinical psychology and psychiatry apply the mindfulness to reduce anxiety and stress, as well as to combat other mental illnesses or psychological disorders.

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