Meaning of Modem

What is Modem:

A modem is a communication device that allows connection between computers and the Internet by transferring data over telephone lines, cables, coaxial cables, or fiber.

Modem is the spanishization of the term modemacronym in English for MODulator / DEModulator that means ’emulator’ and ‘demodulator’, since the device encrypts and decrypts the information necessary for the connection with your Internet service provider.

There are at least two types of modem: external and internal. External modems are devices that connect to the PC without being incorporated into its operating mechanism and require their own power supply. The best known modem is the telephone modem. This is responsible for connecting the telephone line to the computer. The process is based on detecting the tone of the signal, dialing a connection number and establishing a link.

Internal modems are those that are built into the computer or equipment to be connected; therefore, they feed on the energy of the equipment that hosts them. These are usually made up of an expansion card that may have different connectors. Among them are the PCI Bus, ISA Bus and AMR.

Difference between modem and router

There are equipments that combine the modem and a router, but they are usually separated. The router It is a device that shares the connection with several devices. You can identify a router because it has several cable entries ethernet. A router It carries a single IP address and is not capable of connecting to the Internet without a modem.

The modem is the device that makes the Internet connection possible.

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