Meaning of Multicultural

What is Multicultural:

As multicultural we call the situation of a collectivity or society in which a variety of cultures coexist.

In this sense, those countries or States in whose territories cohabit different ethnic groups or cultural groups with different traditions, customs, beliefs and languages ​​are multicultural.

multicultural societies are characterized by potentially having a great cultural wealththanks to the contribution of the various elements that make up the history, traditions and imagery of different cultures.

In multiculturalism, it is essential that the different cultures coexist, respect and tolerate each other, regardless of whether their relationships are more or less harmonious, and it is also important that the State provide and contemplate the necessary mechanisms to ensure participation and integration. harmony of the various groups.

Multicultural social situations are common in countries that have a past of colonial domination by a foreign power. Usually, multiculturalism occurs due to the coexistence in the same State of the culture of the former colonial power and of the different indigenous groups that inhabit the territory.

The State of Bolivia, for example, defines itself in its Magna Carta as a plurinational State, in reference to the recognition of its pluricultural situation.

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