Meaning of Noise

What is Noise:

Noise it is an inarticulate or indistinct sound that often causes an unpleasant auditory sensation. In the area of ​​telecommunications, ‘noise’ is a disturbance or an abnormal signal that occurs in a telecommunication system, which impairs transmission and prevents information from arriving clearly.

This word is also used to refer to a riot. Likewise, this term refers to the stir or strangeness that something causes. It comes from the Latin rugĭtus.

types of noise

Depending on the variability of the emission peak, three types of noise can be distinguished: continuous, intermittent and impact. Another way of classifying sounds distinguishes between white noise, pink noise and brown noise.

Depending on the origin of the noise, noise can be classified as: environmental (composed of several sounds from the environment in which one in particular does not stand out), specific (identifiable and associated with a single source) and initial (sound prior to a modification ).

White noise

The White noise either white noise It is a type of random signal that does not present statistical correlation between its values ​​at two different times. This type of noise has all frequencies and its power is constant (power density spectrum is flat). Some examples of white noise could be the sound produced by a vacuum cleaner running, a hair dryer. It owes its name by association with the concept of ‘white light’.

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industrial noise

The industrial noise is that produced by human activities in this sector. It occurs, for example, in the operation of machinery in production processes such as in the metallurgy sector. Industrial noise is not only an occupational hazard that can affect workers, but it can also cause disturbances and inconvenience to the nearby population (for example in a town where there is a factory) and also to the surrounding fauna.

In many countries there is legislation that regulates industrial noise to avoid derived problems. Some of them have to do, for example, with the use of protective equipment by workers or with the acoustic insulation of certain premises.

Difference between noise and sound

In a generic way, it can be said that the term ‘sound’ is broader than ‘noise’ since noise is a type of sound that produces unpleasant sensations. From the point of view of Physics, noise differs from sound in that the former is irregular and there is no concordance between the fundamental tones and their harmonics, while in sound there is.