Meaning of Nomophobia

What is Nomophobia:

Nomophobia is a Anxiety disorder associated with the fear of being without a mobile phoneeither when you run out of battery, run out of coverage, can’t find your mobile device, or get separated from it.

Nomophobia is a neologism (a new word or expression in the language) that derives from English nomophobia acronym of no-mobile-phone-phobia what does it mean “phobia of being left without a mobile phone”.

Nomophobia is a new type of phobia caused by the current excessive dependence on mobile phones or related devices becoming “cell phone slaves”.

Phobia is a social emotional or psychological disorder due to the fear of something or someone. In this case, nomophobia is the fear of separation or the lack of a cell phone that entails the following symptoms:

  • Anxiety
  • Tachycardia
  • Headache
  • Stomach ache
  • obsessive thoughts
  • Insomnia

See also Phobia.

Studies on nomophobia indicate that the age group that suffers the most from this disorder are young people between 18 and 34 years. Nomophobia has increased, in the last 4 years, from 50% to 66% among the population.

Causes of nomophobia

According to studies on the psychology of nomophobes, the causes that lead to the unconscious obsession of being contactable or contacting through a cell phone or smartphone (smartphone) is due to the excessive dependence on others and the difficulty of translating virtual relationships into reality.

The inability to be contacted or access your contacts through social media applications and platforms creates the illusion of ceasing to belong to a group due to lack of security and self-esteem.

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See also Self-esteem.

People perfectionists they also tend to be victims of nomophobia since it stimulates the obsession with immediate response and permanent contact to satisfy the other. The fear of failing to respond, not responding or supposedly losing contact becomes a type of addiction that leads to nomophobia.

See also Addiction.

Treatment of nomophobia

When dealing with nomophobia, one must be aware that it is a problem and genuinely want to change their attitude against the use of mobile devices. It is important to consult a specialist on phobias and addictions to diagnose the severity of the disorder and be guided in a professional and responsible manner.

If the phobia is not yet serious, it is recommended to do a list with the uses of the cell phone that are considered reasonable and exercise its use only on those occasions. The no use of mobile devices during mealsduring family gatherings or more intimate encounters is also one of the recommendations for a healthy social relationship with mobile devices.