Meaning of Obatala

What is Obatala:

Obalataalso know as Oxala or hopefullyis the name of a Yoruba religion deity. He is a direct descendant of Olodumare (the supreme God) and one of the seven main orishas of the pantheon of this religion originating in Africa.

obatala he is the creator of the Earth, owner of intelligence, thoughts, human dreams and everything white. It is to him that the origin of most of the African gods and everything on the planet is attributed. He is thus the deity par excellence.

As such, Obatala was sent to Earth by Olofin, deity that would be the equivalent of Jesus Christ, to rule the world, do good and take care of order, peace and harmony among men. He even has the power to placate Oggun and Changó. In this sense, he is characterized as a merciful, patient and loving god. In nature, he is represented by mountains.

See also Ogun.

He is a highly respected god, since holds the highest authority in the orisha hierarchy. He is the one who intercedes with another orisha for any individual in difficulty.

Obatalá, as such, has twenty-four paths or avatars. The castle he lives in has sixteen windows through which the sun, air or serene does not enter. Also, he is the only orisha that has male and female paths.

His date is September 24, his number is eight and its multiples, his color is white, his day of the week is Thursday and Sunday, and his greeting is “Jekúa Babá!” It syncretizes with Virgin of Mercedes.

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