Meaning of Office Automation

What is Office Automation?

office automation is he set of methods, applications and computer tools used in office work in order to perfect, optimize, improve the related work and operations. The word office automation is an acronym composed of the following way ofi (office) and matic (computer science).

In reference to the above, the office structure It ranges from computers, printers, scanners connected via a local area network to telephones and fax machines.

Office tools or media they allow to devise, to elaborate, to yield, to save all the necessary information in an office. Office automation tools are: word processing, databases, spreadsheets, email programs, office suite, calculator, agendas, among other programs.

Likewise, office suite or office package is the compilation or set of computer programs that are frequently used in offices in order to edit texts, make presentations, perform calculations, that is, it facilitates the process and allows a good job to be done. Currently, the most dominant office suite on the market is Microsoft Office, which has its own formats for each of its programs.

Office automation was developed in the 1970s, by virtue of the evolution of electronic equipment that began to include microprocessors, replacing old methods and tools with the most modern ones, for example, the typewriter was replaced by computers and their text processors.

Currently, the development of technology in a company is essential for the achievement of its objectives, which is why office automation is very useful since it facilitates the performance of tasks, allows work to be carried out in less time and helps to optimize the essential processes of a company.

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