Meaning of On-site

What is On-Site:

on-site is a phrase of Latin origin that means ‘in place’, ‘on site’, ‘on the ground’.

It is usually used to refer to something that is observed, that is found or that is executed in the very place where it is or where it originates.

Thus, for example, in criminalistics a research on-site would be one that takes place at the scene of the crime, while in administration a audit on-site it would be the one that takes place in the institution or body that is going to be audited.

on-site Y ex situ

on-site Y ex situ They are antonyms. on-site means ‘in the proper place’, while ex situ it means ‘out of place’. In the scientific field, for example, these concepts can be applied to differentiate methods or techniques whose observations are made in the place where the object of study is found, in its natural conditions (on-site), or outside of it (ex situ), usually in a laboratory with artificial conditions and a controlled environment.

on-site in medicine

In medicine, on-site literally means ‘in his own place’. In this sense, for example, when speaking of a carcinoma on-sitethis means that it is a cancer that has not metastasized and, therefore, has not invaded nearby tissues.

on-site in Paleontology

Within the field of paleontology, the expression on-site It is used to indicate the position of a fossil that is found in a stratigraphic position, that is, in the sedimentary rock of a terrain. In this sense, it is opposed to the location ex situaccording to which the fossil is rather displaced from its original location.

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on-site in Civil Engineering

In civil engineering, an operation or job is said to be on-site when it takes place on the construction site itself.

See also civil engineering.

Conservation on-site

applied to the ecologythe conservation on-sitewhich literally means ‘conservation on the site itself’, is a concept that refers to the protection, defense and safeguarding, within its own natural habitat, of a species —whether animal or plant— that is under threat of extinction.