Meaning of Patience

What is Patience:

Patience is a virtue consisting of put up with with resignation misfortunes, jobs, offenses, etc., without regretting.

The word patience is of Latin origin, it comes from the verb “patie” What does it mean “suffer”Therefore, patience is reflected when a person endures unpleasant situations in silence.

According to the philosopher and scientist, Aristotle, patience is one that allows the individual to overcome the strong emotions generated by misfortunes or afflictions.

By virtue of this, it can be said that patience is linked to the mature and educated personality of a human being. It empowers you to be attentive, know how to listen, speak and be careful in each of the actions and decisions to be taken.

However, it is not easy to develop patience on all occasions. At present the individual is tired of duties and chores, stressed by traffic, economic, political and social chaos, among other causes.

For this reason, it is of the utmost importance that human beings develop patience as the ability to face adversity with tenacity and without regrets.

In the same way, patience also refers to delivery and calmness in things that are greatly desired. It represents the ability to learn to wait for someone or something, such as being patient at work until you get a promotion.

Patience, on the other hand, indicates the slowness and delay in the execution of something, of a goal. Consequently, the act of being patient means being persevering in relation to something that does not have a date to materialize.

There are multiple examples of this situation, as in order to have a beautiful garden, each step must be done with patience.

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Patience is a positive value of the human being that must be present in all human contexts, in order to better face problems, be able to reflect and take the best position.

Likewise, along with patience, other virtues such as tolerance, respect, perseverance, calm or serenity develop. Qualities that allow the individual to take control and be able to overcome all the obstacles that arise every day.

On the other hand, the word patient is an adjective that indicates a person with patience or does things with patience.

The patient person is linked with peace, calm, tolerance and perseverance. He is characterized by knowing how to wait and take things calmly, facing problems or life calmly, optimistically and always looking for harmony and the best solution.

However, a patient person should not be confused with an indifferent or passive individual. These last characteristics lead the individual to accept things and not fight for the objectives set.

Patience in the Bible

The act of being patient is considered one of the virtues of the Holy Spirit in Christianity. In the New Testament it can be seen how the writers include patience as one of the Christian virtues, however, in the Old Testament the word patience appears twice.

In the religious sphere, the word patience means believing in God and understanding your faith. Likewise, it is fundamental to receive the promises of God.

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