Meaning of Plasma

What is Plasma:

Plasma is considered a state of matter or ionized gas. Also known as plasma the liquid part of the blood.

in physics, plasma is considered the fourth state of matter among the states: solid, liquid and gas. Plasma can be obtained from two situations:

  • when a gas is exposed to high temperatures,
  • when a gas is injected with high electrical voltages.

The properties of the plasma state they are similar to the gaseous state but it is also a good conductor of electricity and is capable of producing and responding to magnetic fields.

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in biologyblood plasma is the fluid transport medium for blood as well as for nutrients and waste products of cellular metabolism.

Plasma is what is obtained after platelets, white blood cells, and red blood cells are separated from the blood.

Plasma is responsible for several biological processes such as homeostasis, temperature control, physiological pH balance control in the blood and in the body, as well as playing a fundamental role in the regulation of blood pressure.

Plasma screen

Plasma display (PDP) is a technology for flat screen tvs. It was marketed for the first time in 1997 by the Pioneer brand.

The plasma screen is characterized by delivering excellent image quality but weighs up with the serious pollution that the gas used for its manufacture causes, being worse than CO2.

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