Meaning of Pluriculturality

What is Multiculturality:

Multiculturalism refers to the coexistence in the same geographical space of different cultures.

In multiculturalism, the different cultural groups do not necessarily develop bonds or relations of exchange.

However, for participation in State affairs, the different communities make use of instruments of political action to fight and assert their rights, both political and social.

multiculturalism it is common in countries with a marked indigenous presence and with processes of colonial domination by a foreign power in the past.

Hence, there is a dominant culture in the State, based on the language and institutions of the old metropolis, which must deal with a set of groups, ethnic groups and communities with different languages, histories, worldviews and religions.

In this sense, it is important that the States create policies that are adapted to the multicultural condition of the countries, protecting the rights of cultural minorities, and promoting respect and peaceful coexistence.

A situation of harmonious coexistence, tolerance and sustained links of exchange in a multicultural country will give way to multiculturalism, a situation in which there is exchange and mutual enrichment between different cultures.

A Latin American country that recognizes, from its constitutional text, the multicultural situation of its State is Bolivia, which calls itself a “plurinational State”, since different ethnic groups and cultures cohabit within it.

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Pluriculturality and multiculturality

Pluriculturality and multiculturalism are not the same. The multiculturalism it is the coexistence of different cultures in the same geographical space, without for that reason having to have greater relations of exchange between them. It is typical of countries that have undergone historical processes of colonial domination where the culture of the colonizer coexists with that of the indigenous, as occurs in Bolivia, Mexico or Peru.

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Instead, in themulticulturalismRather than coexistence, we speak of the coexistence of different cultures in the same geographic space, for which reason they maintain ties and share social and institutional spaces. Unlike multiculturalism, multiculturalism is characterized by tolerance and inclusion. It is common in countries with a large immigrant presence, such as Spain or the United States.

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