Meaning of Political Science

What is Political Science:

Political science is called discipline that studies and analyzes political phenomena.

political science is part of the social sciencesso it covers various areas that study political systems, power relations, the conduct of political leaders, public opinion, international relations, armed conflicts, among others.

Likewise, from the study of political science, political theory can be developed in order to establish a system of social organization.

It should be noted that political science is a discipline that is increasingly studied and practiced due to its wide field of study and application in the national and international political system.

political science works in conjunction with other disciplines such as philosophy, law, economics, history, anthropology, statistics, among others.

These disciplines allow knowing, explaining, studying and analyzing the reality in which a State operates and allows proposing policies that positively influence a society.

However, it was only from the nineteenth century that political science became an autonomous science, after various civil wars and industrial development.

Therefore, from then on, political science is considered a notorious fact and begins to be taught in the faculties of universities in which students obtain a degree in political science.

Columbia University, in the United States, was the first university to have this faculty, inaugurated in 1880. From then on, other universities began to teach the study of political science.

Origin of political science

As such, politics emerged in Ancient Greece when philosophers and other thinkers established in one way or another what it was about and what its purpose was. Therefore, political science derives from there by virtue of establishing various forms of political organization.

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However, there are specialists who indicate that political science emerged in the fifteenth century after the publication of the book “The Prince”, by the philosopher and politician Niccolò Machiavelli, in which he exposes the forms of organization that must allow man to live in society. .

Likewise, Machiavelli establishes a difference between the prince and the tyrant and, in turn, advises the use of force and violence whenever it is necessary and to the extent that it is considered fair, an idea that has been the subject of confusion and malpractice on the part of the of various rulers.

Object of study of political science

As a general principle, political science has as its object of study the power relations that arise at the different levels that form the government between individuals, institutions and leaders.

In this same sense, other objectives of political science are to determine the exercise, distribution and organization of power of the different instances that make up the State and the national and international society. In this way, public policies can be generated, contribute to the social order and develop new knowledge.

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Social Sciences

Because political science is part of social science, it is important to offer an explanation of it for a better understanding.

The social sciences are a set of disciplines that study, in a systematic way, the social and cultural processes, product of the activity of the human being and his relationship with society. As such, it is responsible for explaining and understanding social phenomena and human manifestations.

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