Meaning of Precocious

What is Precocious:

Precocious is an adjective used to refer to all that process, quality or ability that develops or that comes to an end earlier than usual. The word, as such, comes from the Latin praecox, praecōcis.

In this sense, early can be a process that appears or develops ahead of schedule, such as, for example, the gestation of a baby whose birth is several weeks earlier, resulting in a premature birth.

Precocious is also a person who early develops certain qualities or abilities that usually manifest themselves at later ages. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, for example, was a precocious musician who was already composing at the age of five.

Precocious can also refer to that fruit that reaches maturity early.

In medicine, early can refer to the early diagnosis that is made of a disease, and that is beneficial for the treatment and recovery of the patient.

synonyms of precocious They are early, premature, advanced, anticipated; advanced, advanced, promising. An antonym of early can be late.

In Englishprecocious can be translated as precocious. For example: “The precocious lens of rookie photographer” (the early lens of the novice photographer).

Early pregnancy

Early pregnancy is one that occurs at a young age in a woman, usually between puberty and adolescence, between 10 and 19 years of age.

They tend to be unwanted pregnancies or planned, commonly caused by a lack of adequate information about the functions of the body and the responsibilities it entails.

Early pregnancy entails, as such, a set of risks for both the physical and psychological health of the woman, without counting the economic and social consequences that it will have on her life.

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