Meaning of Press

What is Press:

Press may refer to set of periodical publications that aim to inform about the most diverse topics of current affairs and public interestto the group of people who practice journalism, or it can be a generic way of referring to the newspaper.

Press, too, is a machine used in industry to compress different types of materials (metals, plastics, paper, cardboard, etc.) in order to cut them or give them a certain shape. Also, a press is a workshop for printing.

The word press, as such, comes from the Catalan pressreferring to the machine to compress.


As written press is called the set of printed publications whose function is to be a vehicle of information in the different areas of public interest, such as politics, economy, education, sports, entertainment, etc. Thanks to the invention of the printing press, it was the first mass communication medium in history.

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Depending on its periodicity, the written press is called in different ways. Thus, when it is published daily, it speaks of diaries; when weekly, are weeklies; if it is fortnightly, it is called fortnightly; yes monthly, monthlyand if it is published once a year, yearbook.

Some formats in which the written press is produced today are newspaper, magazine, newsletter, and pamphletbut we must also add the call Digital mediawhich is a form of journalism that emerged with the internet and enhanced with the boom of social networks and digital devices.

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Types of written press

There are different types of written press depending on the branch of journalism to which it is dedicated. Thus, we have:

  • Yellow or tabloid press: It is one that is characterized by giving priority to sensational issues, such as catastrophes, accidents, crimes, adulteries or scandals.
  • Economy press or salmon: It is the one that focuses on reporting on events related to the economy, finances, banking and the stock market. It is called salmon because of the color of the paper it is usually printed on.
  • Heart or rose press: It is the one that tells the news of society and the gossip of the show business. Prioritize celebrity news.

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Hydraulic press

The hydraulic press is a machine that is based on Pascal’s principle to produce very large forces from smaller ones. According to this principle, the pressure applied to a liquid contained in a container is transmitted with the same intensity in all directions, thus, taking advantage of this force, the hydraulic press transmits a small force on a piston with a smaller area to another piston with a larger area. with an increase in its strength.

mechanical press

As a mechanical press or pressing machine is known that industrial machinery that, through a rotation movement, is used to compress a matrix or die against a certain material (metals, plastics, wood, paper, cardboard, etc.) with the aim of cut or mold it.

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rotary press

As a rotary press, also called a rotary printer or simply rotary, a type of printing machine is known in which sheets or rolls of paper are passed through a cylinder where they are printed. They are widely used to print newspapers due to their great speed.

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