Meaning of Prognosis

What is Prognosis:

The prognosis is the advance knowledge of some occurrence or event or the estimate of its probable development in the future.

The word, as such, comes from the Greek πρόγνωσις (prógnōsis), which is composed with the prefix πρό- (pro-), which means ‘before’, and the word Γνωσις (gnosis), which translates ‘knowledge’.

Prognosis is a concept used in different fields, ranging from meteorology, with weather forecasting, through medicine and forecasts on the behavior of diseases, to law and criminology, with the prognosis of punishment and the criminal prognosis, respectively.

prognosis in medicine

In medicine, prognosis refers to the prognosis, that is, the clinical judgment that, based on a set of data and information, makes it possible to determine to a certain extent what the evolution and behavior of a disease will be over time. The prognosis, in this sense, allows anticipating the symptoms that the patient will suffer and calculating the probabilities that he has of recovering. For this, it is necessary to carry out clinical analyzes and make a diagnosis or diagnosis from which the prognosis can be projected.

See also Diagnosis.

prognosis of a penalty

The prognosis of a sentence, in law, is the criterion according to which the magnitude of a possible sentence for a defendant is foreseen. When applying coercive measures against a defendant, the prognosis of the sentence is one of the elements to consider, since, as such, the prognosis of the sentence can only be used for crimes whose sentence is not less than four years.

See also Coercion.

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Administrative prognosis

As administrative prognosis is known the evaluative judgment that, based on the diagnosis of a specific problem, is carried out to define the different alternatives that are available in the future evolution of the situation. In this sense, prognosis allows us to determine what will be the cost or benefit of a certain issue within a company.

prognosis in criminology

In criminology, the criminal prognosis is the forecast that is made about the future behavior and potential dangerousness of an offender based on the information obtained from the diagnosis of his psychological profile and his previous crimes.

forecast in meteorology

In meteorology, prognosis is the meteorological forecast that is made of climatic phenomena based on the climatological information obtained from observation. It is widely used to make forecasts for rain or storms.