Meaning of R.I.P.

What is RIP:

RIP or RIP is the acronym or abbreviation for Requiescat in pace, one Latin expression that in Spanish translates as ʽrest in peaceʼ.

The acronym RIP is customary to place on the tombstones of the deceased, as well as epitaphs. Likewise, mention is made of these acronyms at the end of the liturgy of the Catholic Church, at the special moment in which the prayers dedicated to the deceased are said, with the aim that the soul of the deceased find eternal peace.

This sentence is as follows:

Requiem aeternam dona ei (eis) Domine. Et lux perpetua luceat ei (eis). Requiescat (requiescant) in pace”.

Whose translation in Spanish is: ʽGive him(s), Lord, eternal rest. And shine for him (them) perpetual light. Rest in peace.

The acronym RIP that derives from Latin, coincides by its acronym with the translations that correspond to the English and Italian languages ​​for this same phrase.

In English the phrase is rest in peace, and its meaning is exactly the same ʽrest in peaceʼ. In turn in Italian it is Riposi in paceand its meaning does not change either, it is exactly the same.

In Spain the acronym RIP is still used, however, in other Latin American countries such as Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, among others, it is also customary to use some variants such as QEPD (may he rest in peace), QDEP (may he rest in peace), and sometimes EPD (rest in peace).

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Also, the RIP abbreviation is used in the obituary section of newspapers, as well as on tombstones in cemeteries. Generally, the name of the person, the date of birth and death, and sometimes an epitaph by the loved ones of the deceased individual are placed.

See also Epitaph.


The initials INRI, written by Pontius Pilate at the top of the cross of Jesus of Nazareth, correspond to the Latin phrase Iesvs Nazarenvs Rex Ivdaeorvmwhich translated into Spanish means ʽJesus of Nazareth, King of the Jewsʼ.

Both acronyms are characterized by being part of the Christian religion, but have different meanings and origins.

rip games

Those that are copies of a CD or DVD, but with certain alterations, such as the deletion of some music and video files, among others, in order to reduce the space that said information occupies. RIP kits are available in various websites to be downloaded by users.

On the contrary, full RIP games correspond to the faithful and exact copy of the original game.

Routing Information Protocol

In the field of technology, the acronym RIP indicates Routing Information Protocoltranslated into Spanish as ʽInformation Routing Protocolʼ.

It is a protocol that is characterized by being the gateway to the IGP (Internal Gateway Protocol), used by the routers or routers, and whose use can also be extended to exchange IP network information (Internet Protocol).


The DVD RIP, which is the same as ʽripped digital versatile discʼ, is characterized by being an original compressed copy of a DVD, without presenting any change in quality, image, voice, translation, among other points.

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