Meaning of Radius

What is Radio:

The word radio comes from Latin radius (‘lightning’) and has several meanings:

  • In Geometry, the radius is the straight line that can be drawn from the center of a circle to the circumference. In this sense, a spoke is also a rod that joins the center of a wheel with the rim. The word ‘radius’ is also used to refer to the circular extension of land, taking as reference a point that serves as the center and the length of the radius.
  • In Anatomy, the radius is a bone of the human body that, together with the ulna, forms the forearm.
  • In Chemistry, radium is a chemical element of the periodic table. Its symbol is Ra and its atomic number is 88. It is a shiny white metal with high radioactivity.
  • In telecommunications, the word ‘radio’ as a shortening of other words such as broadcast, radio transmitter and radio receiver.
  • As a prefix compositional element, ‘radio’ indicates ‘radiation’, ‘radioactivity’ or relation to radio.

The radius in geometry

radius is a circumference is a segment that joins the center with any point on the circumference. All the radii of a circle have the same length and correspond to half the diameter. One way to find the radius of a circle is to take the square root of the division of the area by the number π. The radius in a sphere is a line segment joining the center to any point on its surface. The radius or apothem in a regular polygon corresponds to the radius of the circumscribed circle. In a regular polyhedronthe radius corresponds to the radius of the circumscribed sphere.

Atomic radio

The atomic radio is the distance between the core and the outermost layer. The atomic radius allows to establish the size of an atom and is usually measured in ångströms (Å) or picometres (pm). For example, the atomic radius of Iron is 1.26 Å. In general, the atomic radius increases going down the groups in the table and decreases going across a period.

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Radio as a means of communication

The radio as a means of communication is the shortening of words such as broadcasting, radio, radio transmitter or radio transmitter. In generic terms, it is understood that radio is a means of communication based on the emission and reception of audio signals through electromagnetic waves. Its invention dates back to the end of the 19th century and its subsequent development was a revolution in the world of telecommunications.

Turning radius

Referred to a vehicle, the turning radius is the minimum distance in which a vehicle can turn on itself. In the field of Engineering, sa speaks of radius of gyration to refer to a geometric magnitude of the cross section of a mechanical prism and one-dimensional resistant element. In Kinematics, this concept is used indicating the radius of curvature of the trajectory of a particle.

See also Prism.

ionic radius

The ionic radius is the distance between the center of the nucleus of an ion and the furthest stable electron from it. An example of the ionic radius of an element is Iron (0.64 Å).