Meaning of Reality

What is Reality:

reality is one abstraction by means of which the real and effective existence of beings and things is designated. The word, as such, comes from the Latin realisticwhich in turn derives from beefwhich means ‘thing’.

In this sense, the word reality is also used as synonym of truth, to designate what actually happens or happens. For example: “The reality is that thousands of people came out to protest.”

Likewise, everything is called reality. what is effective, that is, it has value in a practical sense. The opposite of this would be, then, the fantastic, the illusory. For example: “I had a dream so vivid that I mistook it for reality.”

Reality is a concept that has multiple applications in all areas of human thought, both philosophical and scientific, technological or political and sociological.

See also Truth.

reality in philosophy

The definition of reality has been one of the great questions of philosophical thought throughout its history. For Platofor instance, reality transcends experienceso it distinguishes between the sensible and imperfect reality, which we grasp through the senses, and the reality of the world of ideas, which, on the other hand, are immutable and eternal.

Aristotlefor his part, stated that reality is rational and that, therefore, it is through reason and not through the senses that we can have access to a more accurate knowledge of reality. KantInstead, he considered as reality only what is given to us by experiencesince according to him the experience of reality is only possible through the senses.

discardson the other hand, distinguished between reality and existence, since he considered that there were other immaterial things, such as ideas in the spirit, which also constituted realities by themselves.

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Augmented reality

Augmented reality is known as a technology that combines real vision devices with virtual elements. Augmented reality, in this sense, what it does is include computer data in real time in the physical reality that we visualize through an electronic device designed for this purpose. Currently, there are lenses or glasses on the market that allow augmented reality experiences.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality is known as the representation of an environment with a real appearance created from computer technology. To contemplate virtual reality, the user must use devices designed for viewing, such as glasses or helmets. The feeling you have is that of being immersed in a virtual world.

This type of technology is not only used in video games, but also for training and flight simulations, as well as for different scientific disciplines, such as medicine, archeology or architecture.

Social reality

Social reality is called the set of everything that it isthat exists in social terms. For this, there must be the confluence of a set of subjectivities that interact and communicate with reference to another set of symbols and references that are also common. There is no social reality for isolated individuals, since multiple points of view intervene in the perception and construction of social reality. Thus, social interactions resulting from the economy, politics, communications, etc. are part of social reality.