Meaning of Research Methodology

What is Research Methodology:

As research methodology is called the set of procedures and techniques that are applied in an orderly and systematic manner in conducting a study.

In a research process, the methodology is one of the stages in which the realization of a work is divided. In it, the researcher or researchers decide the set of techniques and methods that they will use to carry out the tasks related to the investigation.

In this way, the chosen research methodology is the one that will determine the way in which the researcher collects, orders and analyzes the data obtained.

The function of research methodology is to give validity and scientific rigor to the results obtained in the study and analysis process.

Likewise, as a research methodology it is called the part of a project in which the criteria adopted in the choice of the work methodology are exposed and described and the reasons why these procedures are considered to be the most pertinent to address the object of study, etc.

On the other hand, as a research methodology it is also called a knowledge discipline whose purpose is to elaborate, define and systematize the set of techniques and methods that must be followed during the development of a research process.

As such, the research methodology is applicable to the most varied disciplines of study. From scientific and social, to humanistic, educational and legal. Depending on the matter and the subject of study, the methodology that is considered most appropriate will be chosen.

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Quantitative methodology

As quantitative research methodology is known that which uses quantifiable data, which is accessed through observations and measurements.

For data analysis, the quantitative methodology proceeds through statistical calculations, identification of variables and constant patterns, from which it elaborates the results and conclusions of the research work.

As such, it is the type of methodology characteristic of the natural or factual sciences.

See also Quantitative Research.

qualitative methodology

A qualitative methodology is known as one that deals with topics and subjects that cannot be quantified, that is, that cannot be transferred to numerical data.

The data, in this sense, are obtained from direct observation, through interviews, research and analysis. Hence, the qualitative methodology applies interpretative and analytical procedures to approach its object of study.

It is the most common type of methodology in the fields of social and humanistic sciences.

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