Meaning of Reverence

What is Reverence:

Reverence is known as respect, veneration or love that one has or keeps towards another person. It can also be a respectful greeting with which the consideration shown to another person is shown. The word comes from the Latin reveredwhich means ‘respectful fear’.

Reverence is a reverent attitude or feeling by which we show the deep respect or appreciation we feel towards other people. Persons who hold superior position or dignity, or for whom we hold particular esteem or admiration, are treated with reverence. For example: “I have great reverence for your father.”

See also Respect.

Likewise, reverence can also be a form of greeting that consists of making a slight bow of the body before another or other people. Bows are made to high dignitaries or hierarchs of the Church.

In the West, bowing is particularly common in countries with a monarchical tradition in greeting members of royalty, although today it is reserved only for very solemn occasions. For its part, in Asian countries, such as Japan or Korea, bowing is still quite common as a form of greeting.

See also Namaste.

Nowadays, bowing as a physical gesture is above all related to the artistic field when, at the end of a show or play, the artists (actors, dancers, singers, musicians, etc.), appear before the public and bow as a token of thanks.

The opposite of reverence is irreverence, which is related to a disrespectful attitude towards other people, institutions or traditions.

See also Irreverent.

Synonyms of reverence they are veneration, devotion, respect, consideration, greeting, bow or bow. For its part, antonyms they are irreverence, insolence or daring.

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In Englishreverence can be translated as reverence, bow either curtsy.

Reverence in Christianity

In Christianity, reverence is the feeling of reverent fear that is expressed before someone or something superior, mainly towards the majesty and power of God. In this sense, reverence is a fundamental virtue in the Christian life.

Reverence for God is a practice that must be constant in the lives of Christians, as it implies respect, gratitude and love for God and the Church, for his commandments, his prophets and his authorities on Earth. In the reverent faithful there must be purity and correctness in thoughts and actions, study and observation of the Bible, among other things.

A sign of reverence towards God that is still practiced today in Catholicism is one that involves stopping for a moment when entering a temple and bowing and making the cross before the altar, as a way of greeting God.

See also Devotion.