Meaning of Rotation

What is Rotation:

Rotation is the action exerted by a body to give a twist, spin, or roll around its own axis. Rotation also refers to thealternation or variation of objects or people.

The word rotation derives from the Latin rotate. Among the synonyms that can be used in reference to the term rotation are turn, turn and spin. Likewise, rotation is also a term that has various uses depending on the area where it is used.

Rotation is a movement of change of orientation through which an object or body makes a complete turn while any of its points remains at the same distance from the axis of rotation and, at the end of the turn, returns to its initial position and can be repeated. several times.

earth rotation

Planet Earth constantly rotates, which consists of turning on its own axis, for approximately 24 hours.

In addition, it also performs the movement of translation, that is, the Earth revolves around the Sun, which allows day and night to originate, and even the seasons of the year, this complete rotation lasts just over 365 days.

The rotation movement of the Earth is carried out in a west-east direction, which is why the Sun’s rays always come out of the east and hide in the west.

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Rotation in agriculture

In agriculture, the crop rotation It is the alternation of crops or crops that are carried out in a field in order not to exhaust the mineral wealth of the land, as well as to prevent diseases or pests that affect plants from perpetuating in a determined way.

Therefore, crop rotation is an agricultural technique based on the orderly succession of certain crops in the same plot and, with a rhythm of two years or more.

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staff turnover

Staff turnover refers to the action that consists of alternating or changing places of one or more people. The business management of institutions or companies usually carry out staff rotation for various purposes, such as generating greater integration among coworkers.

inventory turnover

In companies or organizations, rotation is understood as inventory control or process that corresponds to the inspection and revision of the materials and the state of the equipment with which they are counted. This type of rotation allows to establish a better business management.

rotation in sport

On the other hand, the term rotation is also used in those sports that are carried out by teams, such as soccer, volleyball, among others. In these cases it is move or change the position of a player on the field of play or to replace it with another.

rotation in mathematics

Rotation in mathematics are isometric linear transformations, that is, they preserve the norms on vector spaces in which an inner product operation has been defined and whose matrix has the property of being orthogonal. There are rotations in the plane and rotations in space.