Meaning of RSVP (invitations)

RSVP is an acronym for the French expression “Repondez S’il Vous Plait”phrase that in Spanish means “answer please”. It is very common to see these acronyms in the invitations of large events where the confirmation of attendance at the event is of the utmost importance, such as: marriage.

Traditionally, the acronym RSVP was seen on formal invitations, however, its use is becoming more common on informal invitations. The use of initials of a French expression stems from etiquette practices during the reign of Luiz XIV that influenced part of the West and, in the 19th century, French was considered a language of refinement and high society.

The initials RSVP are usually at the end of the invitations, followed by an email or a phone number, with the purpose of confirming your attendance at the event by a phone call or sending an email, sometimes it can be seen that together with The invitation is a response sheet and, after identifying it with the name and indicating whether or not to attend the celebration, it is returned through the mail.

The placement of the acronym RSVP in the invitations is with the function of the person who organizes the event to have an approximate knowledge of the number of people who will attend it and, thus, be able to have an adequate orientation and planning in the organization of the party and, be able to determine the quantities of food and other materials (tables, chairs, party favors) to satisfy all the guests.

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